select_set_bgTime for the second and final beta test release before the finished version, to hopefully iron out the last of the kinks and give you nice people a slightly slicker and more intelligible version to toy around with. Hope you enjoy it : )


  • Added all-new interactive tutorial to ease that learning curve a little.
  • Added end-of-set score bonuses, victory screen and hiscore saving.
  • Added another ten levels, bringing the total to 30.
  • Further soundtrack work, with a third gameplay track and an end-of-set “victory” track.
  • Gems on the right panel now glow when matched, as a visual aid.
  • Editor tweaks: right-clicking “next” or “previous” jumps between sets.

Download beta 2 (17.9 MB ZIP)

gemHEX info page :: level editing guide

We’re definitely approaching the home stretch at this point. Just need to finish the last of the levels, finish off the last bit of art and animation work and do the last round of voice recording and we’ll be all set. I should be on track for a final release by this time next week.