Cutesy puzzler/frustration simulator, inspired by the classic c64/Amiga title Gem’X. Has its own page.


On Hold/Postponed



Story-heavy Adventure game with light tactical combat. Begun as a quick project for the Pirate Kart project, after which I wrote a new engine for it to port the thing over to GMS. The engine’s more or less done, but the game itself ended up being a much bigger project than I could really handle for the moment. On hiatus for now, but I do hope to return to it at some point. The prototype/game jam version somehow ended up getting LPed on YouTube, and I’m still not quite sure how that happened.



Various things that never quite got finished, are currently on hold, or just ended up a hot mess.


Ruby Runner

Pixel-art platformer heavily inspired by obscure old c64 game Top Duck, with a bit of Chuckie Egg thrown in for good measure. Ruby defeats enemies by knocking blocks loose on top of their heads, and has to clear levels by mining all the rubies before making a beeline for the exit. Past the obvious big pixels, it’s grounded in 8-bit platforming principles, with very little momentum or fuzziness in the controls, making for a sharp, precise play style.

I got as far as a fully-functioning prototype of the first few levels, which I may put up here at some point. I was considering this one for a phone port, but I really don’t get on with twitchy arcade controls in that format. Still, to be continued, probably.



Rink Rash RIOT

Silly-fast score-chasing speed-runner based on a fictional future sport that’s basically roller derby meets target shooting, where a single contender runs a skate course filled with targets, ramps, alternate tracks and mobile weapons platforms. Momentum was quick to build up but slow to descend, and you could maintain speed by hunkering down on downhill slopes. Your handgun was fast-firing but had a fairly shot clip with a long reload, so you had to manage your shots. This one got canned for time/content requirements, mostly. Exists as a rough prototype of the first stage. The ammo counter notches on the target reticule don’t really scan when it’s zipping around like it does, but I liked the way the last few rounds in a clip fired with red tracers.



Strike Force Nova

Turn-based tactical squad combat game , developed to prototype stage. Nothing earth shattering, but had a few cute touches like destructible scenery and rocket hits causing a ridiculous spiralling mess of limbs. I quite like the teensy pixel art on this one, one of my better efforts.