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GemHEX is a challenging puzzle game with a side-order of cute, inspired by Kaiko’s ’90s classic Gem’X. Beta out now for Windows with an Android release in the near future, with Linux, iOS and Mac versions hopefully to follow.

Join Kaci, your perky host, as you solve your way through sets of “mines”, 4×10 puzzle sets that rise in difficulty with each set. Use the full-featured level editor to make your own sets and share them with your friends, or submit them to us and share them with everyone. No ads, no IAP, free for desktop and a cheap-o one-off purchase for mobile.

I’ll shut up for a bit and you can have a screenshot.



Players attempt to solve a series of increasingly testing puzzles by switching gems so they match a given diagram. This can prove trickier than expected, as touching a gem also changes the gems above, below and to the sides of it. While the central gem is shifted two steps, the adjacent gems are shifted only one. Gems that pass ‘amber’ vanish from the playing field, making the others around them drop into place.

For example here’s set one, stage one, “One Click Trick”.


They get a bit trickier than this :p

System Requirements

A PC capable of 1024×600 resolution
Some free disk space

GemHEX should run fine on most modern PCs, and is designed with lower-spec systems like netbooks in mind. Netbook players are recommended to run it in fullscreen for the most fuss-free experience. If you’re having performance issues, checking “Toaster Mode” in the options menu will disable most of the more taxing effects and should help win you back a few more frames. If you’re still having trouble, there’ll be further performance tuning down the line.

If you run into a bug, glitch or other fun future headache-in-waiting, you can contact me via jay@farfromsleep.com or through twitter. Likewise if you enjoyed the game or have a few levels to share, it’s all good : )


I’ve left the framerate ticker on. Just the kind of naked professionalism you know and love from the increasingly-aptly-named FFS.

Download for Windows PC  (22MB Installer) (ZIP)

The initial release version, complete with functioning level editor and all 40 stages. The second “delete me” level set in the level select screen is a junk level for editing over, if you’re so inclined. Any and all feedback appreciated!




Design/Scripting/Art/Music - Jay Griffin

Kaci performed by Jill Harris

Selected sound effects courtesy of freesfx.co.uk