Edit: Update with V1.2 with some control quickfixes, release notes at the bottom of the post.

Download Snowbrawl directly to your OUYA:

Well, it’s that time of year again, hope you’ve got the requisite halls thoroughly decked by now :)

Here’s a little seasonal something for ya, a playable mini-game inspired by the 8-bit classic “Hunchback”, starring Hellbounders’ Harmony Winters, free for Windows, OUYA and HTML5. It looks like the OUYA one isn’t going to pass certification in time for Xmas, but you can sideload the file here without any trouble (just download it through the system’s browser in the “make” menu, then “manage > storage > downloads”).

Controls are A,D & Space, or left, right and any button if you’re playing on the microconsole. Hope you enjoy it.


Snowbrawl in HELL

Download OUYA .apk (6MB)
Download Windows .ZIP
Play in Web Browser (HTML5/WebGL Required)


V1.2 Update notes

  • Additional control options. Now you can use Cursor keys or WAD to move and jump, or optionally Space or Z to jump as well.

V1.1 Update notes

  • Player movement tweaked to be a little faster.
  • Fixed bug that was causing fireballs to occasionally fail to fire, also speeded ‘em up a bit.
  • Fireballs now fire from cannons with visible “warning” lights & audible cycling.
  • Further minor optimisation and tweaks.

Happy Holidays everyone, hope you have a good one.