Took a couple of days out to fix up an enhanced version of gemHEX for my shiny new OUYA. As of this writing it has just past certification/approval and has just gone live on the OUYA store, for the grand total of zero dollars. I’m releasing it free both to celebrate my first published game on the platform and as a little something for the spooky season.


Changes in this version:

  • Revised and enhanced interface graphics with appropriate OUYA facing
  • Further performance and stability tweaks
  • Fully implemented gamepad support (the current build retains mouse support so you can use the pad, mouse or trackpad as you prefer)
  • A silly little pushy-finger hand icon to steer around
  • Minor tweaks to the tutorial

As of now, the OUYA version is the one to get, but I’ll bring the updates over to the other platforms once I get a little extra free time. Also note that although the OUYA version doesn’t yet have the level editor, it’ll certainly support level sets created with the current PC version of the editor in future versions, if you want to get a headstart.

You can get the official blurb over at the game’s official OUYA page, or boot up your console and grab it (100% free with no added BS) right now. Have fun :)