Here we go, the all-singing, all-blastin’ update number 2.


Play it in your Web Browser (Google Chrome and a reasonably decent computer preferred)
Download 3MB .ZIP for Windows (for slower computers and offline play)

I didn’t get to cover quite all the fixes and updates I’d planned due to being sick as a dog over the weekend, but there should still be some fun stuff to get to grips with. It’s essentially the same game with the same content as the LD entry, just given a major overhaul in every department. Here’s the stuff that actually made it in:

  • Updated graphics, lots left to do but you get the idea.
  • Hugely revamped PC AI, should now pose more of a challenge and be more fun to play against.
  • Rebalanced Normal difficulty for more challenge, added easier and harder modes too. Hard more (AKA “Let ‘Em Eat Lead”) will probably kick your butt : p
  • Bullets can now be shot out of the air! (not easily though)
  • The seemingly “random” weapon scatter has been redone. While the calculations are similar, the deviation of shots are now shown in the character’s arm movements and smoothed a little, so you’ll shoot exactly where you’re pointing.
  • You’re now at extremely high risk of a Misfire if you attempt a shot with a red crosshair (not in easy mode).
  • Added a few bits & pieces of a possible soundtrack.
  • Added some new sound effects. It’s all a bit of a mishmash for now and subject to change, but it’s getting there.
  • Added the beginning of the point system, but not the proper scoring yet.
  • Added options to set fullscreen, scanlines, sound etc.

Think of this one as the baseline to build from, now the foundations are in fairly solid shape I’ll be expanding things from there. Hopefully we should have progress on the Team Career and Local Multiplayer modes pretty soon. I’ve got another couple of ideas I quite like now I think of it, but one thing at a time, yeah?