Time for a major update, featuring cross-platform online score tables, a second plane and a new micro-mission system. RNS now includes all the additions from updates 3 & 4 listed below:


Update 4

– Added cross-platform online highscores and a local score table.


– Fixed glitch where you couldn’t read the VTOL’s description without starting the game.
– Lowered blast radius of AA guns a little.
– AA gun spawning rates now a little less crazy.
– Minor graphics tweaks.


Update 3 – BETA 1

– Added a second plane, the VTOL.
– Added local highscore saving.
– Added dynamic missions where you destroy targets for bonus scores.
– Added a final ranking at the end of a run.


– Added debris for turrets. .
– Zones are now longer and repeat less. Enemy spawning and zone selection alters depending on your mission.
– Increased rate of fuel drops.
– Adjusted building physics.

RNS is now available at the Google Play Store, itch.io, Game Jolt and the OUYA Discover store, all of which should be seeing the update soon. Ouya fans waiting for it to pass cert can skip the queue and sideload it from here instead.